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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Dresser - Part II

After several weekends of travel, holidays and final exams we were finally able to find some time on Saturday to get some work done. We were determined not to spend our entire Saturday working so we didn’t make much progress on the dresser but hey, it’s something. Blake began by using a few pieces of wood we already had to turn the first row of dresser drawers into a shelf. He also made a new back for the dresser. I then finished sanding the drawers and removed the old hardware.
This will probably be it for a while as I leave for England on Sunday and Blake’s next class starts next week. However, I am determined that this piece will be done soon after I get back. So what’s left? We need to sand the entire piece one more time with a fine grain sandpaper to get it ready for staining, finishing putting in supports so that it will hold the weight of the TV, stain the piece and find new hardware. Very exciting!


  1. I noticed it Monday - looks really good. It will be a great piece of furniture when you are through. Best of all, it has a history that you know!

  2. OOH! Don't work too hard in England--have tons of FUN too!!!