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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Yesterday, Zoë had a consultation with our vet regarding when she should be spay. The vet said, I had never heard this before, that when the adult canine teeth start to come in then it is time to get spayed. Well, both of Zoë's adult canines are on their way in (even though the baby teeth were still firmly in place). So the vet wanted to go ahead and spay her that day - as well as pull her top baby canines.

I left her at 9:30 Friday morning and we picked her up at 5 that evening. She looked too pitiful, stitches on her belly and two pulled teeth - ouch. She cried a little last night and slept a lot. The worse part is the cone around her head. The vet wants Zoë to wear it for the next week! She is kinda getting used to it - it just looks so goofy. She is running into everything, it's funny in a sad way. Poor baby.


  1. Poor Zoe!!! At least it is stylishly purple!

  2. That's funny/cute . . . morbid, but funny/cute . . . poor puppy . . .

  3. How sad is all this? Hopefully, in a week all will be well and she can lose the collar.