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Monday, May 4, 2009

so long farewell, auf wiedersehen good-bye

It's offical. Our house has sold. We are past the option period and (hopefully) there is nothing standing between us and our close date (May 29) - well except a house full of stuff that needs to be organized, packed, etc. Who knew two people could collect so much in only two and a half years!

So, where are we going now? That is a good question. I think we are technically homeless. However, we have wonderful parents so it looks like we are moving back to our hometown for awhile. It will be a little bit of a commute to work for both of us but that's okay. We think we know where we are going (the city) but we need to decide on a house/neighborhood. Hopefully we will be in our next house for a long time so square footage, number of bathrooms, school district, etc. are all every important!

As excited as we are to move to a home with more than one bathroom, I will be sad to leave. I personally think that our house is adorable and it is the only place that Blake and I have ever lived as a couple. However, everything has its season and we believe that our time in this home is coming to an end.

I am sure we will have many adventures with our next home and the next several months will most definitely be interesting!


  1. Congratulations!!! We are sooo happy for you guys!!! We will be praying for you as you go through this time of transition!!!


  2. Smitty and I lived in our first little cottage house for almost the same amount of time. Moving is a mixed blessing both exiting for the new adventure ahead and sad to say goodbye to our "first" home, but as you say....there is a season for everything. Let us know if we can help!