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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Original Sun Room

Our first major project to the house was to redo the sun room on the back of the house. It was an add-on by one of the previous owners. The room is 12’ x 12’ with the ceiling just under 7.5’. One of the walls is the original brick exterior, and the other three have very large windows. The window screens were originally on the inside of the house, because the windows can open towards the outside with a hand crank. The walls were stark white and the room had a ceiling fan that would take out anyone over 6’4”. The floors are an orangey-red brick-like tile.

The goal was to turn the room into a den with chairs and a TV. This would give us another living area and a place to relax on Saturday mornings to read and watch Vega chase squirrels. We also wanted the room to have a western feel that would tie into our office.

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