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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Painting the Sunroom

We decided that one color for the sunroom would be too easy, so we went with three. Since we were going with the western theme, we decided to go with dark brown walls with tan and off-white accents, with the ceiling matching the tan on the walls. Unfortunately the walls are sectioned off so there was a lot of taping involved. The ceiling is also grooved, so after rolling it we had to come back by hand to paint all of the grooves.


Wall & Ceiling

The paint that we went with was Valspar from Lowes. We chose the interior satin finish, which we really like. It is not totally flat to where it picks up dirt from everything, but not so shiny to where the light reflects off of it either. Here are the three colors that we used:

Dark Brown: Shutter Brown
Tan: Desert Fortress
Off-White: Courtyard Tan

The painting went smoothly and only took a little over a day from what I can remember.

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  1. I am considering painting my kitchen Valspar desert fortress.

    Do you have any more pics you can show me?

    My email adr is: