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Saturday, March 22, 2008

The New Den

After we finished all of the painting, we needed to furnish the room and add window treatments. Leigh and her mom worked very hard to sew curtains that would block out all of the sunlight. They used a pretty thick fabric that also helps the room stay a little cooler during the summer months. When we want sunlight we can still pull the curtains back. They turned out great!

I had the bright idea to build book shelves to cover the brick wall and even went out and purchased the lumber to build one to see how it would turn out. Long story short, the wood is still in the garage waiting to turn into something. We decided to purchase two matching book shelves and found some that fit the space at Sam’s Club.

We also got a good deal on two leather chairs and ottomans from Stacy’s. We brought in an old television and stand and had our new den. We had enough books and movies to fill up the two shelves and were also able to add in some special mementos that we have collected over the years. This February, we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo where we purchased a cow skin rug to finish off the room. We are very pleased with the results!

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  1. I just saw the link to your blog (which I totally didn't even know you had) when I was replying to you on myspace.

    I had to giggle at myself a little bit because the first thing I looked at, of course, when I enlarged the picture of the excellent den-age was the bookshelves. HP for the win. Then I had to giggle at myself again because we had to purchase another bookshelf for our room today. I thought the top two shelves of my YA urban fantasy bookcase (yeah, I know. I have two full cases dedicated to that one particular genre *snort*) would make you giggle.

    You should consider getting a livejournal. I'm addicted to mine, and they are so much more interactive than standalones! (Also, slow people like me would actually remember to read it)