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Monday, March 24, 2008

Roof Leak

When we purchased the house, the inspector mentioned that there was a roof leak in the garage, but he couldn’t tell at the time if it was old damage or not. After doing some work in the garage, we came to the conclusion that it was continuing to leak and cause damage to a ceiling joist.

If I stood in the garage with the lights off, I could see a lot of light coming in near the damaged area. From the looks of things, a drip edge needed to be installed. Water appeared to be flowing down the shingles and then back into the garage because there was a large gap between the shingles and the trim.

I nailed a drip edge into place underneath the bottom row of shingles using roofing nails. I then put roofing cement around some of the larger openings. It isn't pretty, but neither is any of the other trim around the house right now, so it matches just fine. It doesn't look like any more light is getting into the garage though. I guess we will find out for sure next time it rains. Overall, it was a very easy project and took less than an hour. Now I just need to replace the ceiling joist.


  1. For some strange reason I can get your pics, but not Kendra's. I guess you use a different server that our filter allows. Looks like you have your hands full with all your projects. Welcome to the world of homeownership! Good luck!!---MOM

  2. I think the rotted wood looks worse in the picture than it did in person! Rip it out!