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Monday, March 31, 2008

The Garage - Part I

The house came with a single car garage that won’t hold much more than a mid size sedan. We tried it for a little while until I built a workbench. Once that was in the garage there was no more room for a car. I decided it would make a better workshop than a garage so I got to planning.

My dad had built a workshop before, so I decided to model it off of that. Pegboard walls, sheetrock ceiling, florescent lights, you know, the usual. The garage had floor to ceiling shelving on one side that was barely tall and deep enough to hold a gallon of paint. They were not functional and yet took up most of a wall and stuck almost a foot into the garage. There were also cabinets on the front wall, and then a shelf that hung down from the ceiling. Not really sure what this was for, but it really got in the way. All of this extra storage space had to go.

I spent a couple of weekends tearing everything down. I made several trips to the garbage collection station. They kept asking me if it was work on my house or if I was doing contracting work for someone else. Apparently they don’t just let anyone dump stuff there. After a lot of hard work, everything was finally torn down. Nothing too exciting, but I did get a couple of new pry bars out of it. There will be plenty more to come about this project as it seems to be never ending.

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  1. Welcome to the world of "PROJECTS". Don't you just love them. It is a nice feeling of accomplishment, however when you finally get a big one finished. Keep up the good work!--MOM