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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Arbor

The original builders of the house were very big into gardening and had at least one greenhouse that we know of. It was torn down at some point, but the slab was left right in the middle of the backyard. It is probably an eye sore, but I have gotten used to it I guess. Instead of tearing it out, we thought it would be a nice place to turn into a sitting area.

Leigh had the idea of building an arbor over it. It would provide a little cover, block some of the junk in our neighbor’s backyard and allow us to plant some wisteria that could grow on it. We have looked at some pictures and narrowed the design down to a couple of options.

In the mean time, I contacted TESS to mark all of the utility lines since I will be digging some post holes. There are gas lines run to the slab, and since I will be digging about 2 feet down, I don’t want to blow up the neighborhood. I thought the utility companies would come and actually mark where the lines are. Instead they just put up their flags by the slab and spray painted “OK” in the grass. I told them on the phone what I was planning on doing, so I guess they just check to make sure I can do it and then move on.

Hopefully in the next month I can get started on digging the holes and starting the framework. Unfortunately, I can’t work on any projects this weekend. I am working at an estate sale on Saturday morning, and then I am off to the O'Reilly 300 at Texas Motor Speedway. It should be a fun weekend.


  1. I love the idea of the arbor! A very nice touch to your yard! An oasis where you can sit out and open a good book! Or L can.

  2. Man, you are moving right along! I'm excited about the arbor. I think it will look great, and you will really enjoy the backyard more with it. Di

  3. Did you get my information on Home Depot's arbor kits? They were a little pricey, but thought they looked good. The arbor will be a great asset and you will have that "great feel of accomplishment" when it is finised....I think I could enough a nice lemonade under the wisteria when it is finished. Happy projecting!!--Mom

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