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Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing New...

Well, sorry for the delay in updates, but we haven’t had time for much of anything these past few weeks. Last weekend I had a great time at TMS. I went with a friend from work that is a big Nascar fan. It is good to go with someone who knows what they are talking about, even if you can’t hear a word they are saying because of the noise.

Me with Jeff Gordon's DuPont Chevrolet

This past weekend, we went to say goodbye to some friends of ours. I worked with him a few years ago and we have tried our best to stay in touch. They are moving back to Europe this month, so they had a going away party this weekend. We had a great time and wish them the best of luck. Hopefully we can make it to Amsterdam to visit them in the future.

Depending on our schedule, we are hoping to get some work done in the yard this weekend. We have a couple of new flower beds that we need to get prepped for planting. Hopefully we can get everything planted to catch the tail end of the growing season.


  1. Lil E would have been in CARS heaven if she had been with you this weekend. She prefers watching the Piston Cup though. :)

  2. Glad you had a good time at TMS....looking pretty cool yourself! Was this "A" that is going back to Europe? Hope you have a productive weekend. We hope to finish in K this weekend and then have some Saturdays for ourselves.---Mom