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Monday, May 26, 2008

The Living Room

As the spring semester is over and I will be school free all summer, I have a long list of projects that I can’t wait to get started on. One of my first projects will be to spruce up our living room by recovering a rocker that was given to us by my mom and recovering/making some new pillows for our couches – with the overall goal of working some color into our living room. Blake purchased our couch and love seat several years before we got married. They are very comfortable and fit our style very well. The rocker was added last year but it didn’t really match, so after Christmas I started to recover it. I got as far as removing all the old fabric. Since then the rocker has sat in our den untouched.

It has now come time for me to pick the fabric that I want to use, and I really need your help! I started by picking at least three samples, all in the same color family. I intend on using a larger print when recovering the rocker and then a combination of that material and the other complimentary fabrics to make pillows and possibly a table runner for our coffee table.

I have found two sets of fabrics that I like, in two different color families. I like the brown/green/yellow set. I think I will have more luck getting the fabrics to work together in the room and with our couches. However, this set doesn’t do much to bring any new colors into the room. Blake likes the red set. The red does have some green in two of the different fabrics that could help tie into the couches and one of the red fabrics a similar to the texture of our couches and could work that way. It is very bold and really would pop in the room. So, what do you all think? Please, help us make this decision!




  1. I have to go with Blake on this one, but as you know (well maybe you haven't been here with the new furniture) we like red! It gives the room an extra pop.
    You should set up a poll. It is under the layout tab--just add new element.

  2. Go for RED!! We love it (obvioulsy by our new furniture purcahse!) But the fabric you chose look great with the background behind it, which I assume is your couch. I LOVE the colors/designs of the red pieces! Looks great!!

  3. I vote for red, but you could probably guess that from looking at my living room.

    I can't wait to see how this project turns out!

  4. I have always played it "safe" when it came to decorating, but now that I am older and wiser I am going more toward the bold and beautiful. I say go with the red! You're young and will have many opportunities to make changes if you really don't like it. At least with a small chair and pillows you could change it if you really hated it.