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Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Sunday School Event

Friday night our Sunday School class held an event, Dinner for 6 & Bowling. It was a lot of fun. We broke into groups for dinner and then met up at Main Event for bowling. It is a good way to get to know people since your dinner group is usually fairly small. Blake and I hosted a group at our house and I took it as an opportunity to decorate for fall.

The concept of Dinner for 6 is that the hostess plans the event, prepares the main dish and then requests the guests to bring a particular side dish. I decided to take a chance and make my mom's famous lasagna - my first attempt at this. It think it turned out well. Our guests brought salad and bread. We had more than enough food to feed the 1o of us!

Luckily, I had Friday off so I got to spend the day cleaning house, decorating and cooking to get ready for our dinner guests. I didn't have to get the house ready alone though, Vega helped! Vega is the kind of dog that follows you around, she loves to be right by your side. I think this is a Min Pin thing. A friend who also has a Min Pin says hers does the same thing. The house dogs I grew up with (Chihuahuas) could careless if you were in the house or not, unless of course you were sitting down and wanting to love on them. So Friday, Vega followed me around; chasing the broom, trying to steal bites of food that I might drop while cooking and so on.

Vega standing next to me in the kitchen, "helping".

Vega got tired of standing (I spent several hours in the kitchen)
so I got her bed and she kept me company.


  1. Love the fall decor. I had Justin get my fall/Thanksgiving box down from the attic.

  2. Good job on the tables! Vega is always very helpful and sweet.
    As we said, the lasagne taste a little different every time. So glad yours turned out the way you wanted. I knew you could do it!

  3. Love the fall table scape. Sounds like you guys had good time. Lasagne recipe may need to be shared. Cute pics of Vega....she just wants to be close to the action at all times.