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Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Weekend We Went Crazy

This has been quite a weekend. As I type this, I am surrounded by sleeping bodies - exhausted from all the excitement. Why am I not enjoying a wonderful Sunday afternoon nap as well? Good question!

Friday night we spent the evening doing some much needed cleaning and rearranging. We moved the furniture from the den into the office and vice-versa. I really like the feel of the new den (formerly known as the office).

Well, all our efforts Friday night were for a very specific reason. I was not about to have a new puppy spending lots of hours each day in a kennel on our hardwood floors. Thanks to all our rearranging our new puppy Zoë can call our backroom hers! Yes, that's right, Blake and I went a little crazy Saturday and got a new puppy. Zoë is a seven week old Vizsla, a Hungarian hunting dog that both points and retrieves, has webbed feet for water retrieving and will be around 50 pounds when full grown.

We have been looking for a hunting dog for Blake for a long time. We couldn't agree on a breed until we found the Vizslas. We hope that by next dove season she will be able to go out hunting with Blake.

We got Zoë from a breeder in Tyler, Texas. Saturday we made the drive there and back (with Vega) to pick up Zoë. It was a long hour and a half there with the breeder deciding which of the three available females was our Zoë. She was great on the drive home and at the house last night playing. She slept well last night too - only got up once to go outside. However, Blake and I still didn't get much sleep due to some very odd noises Zoë was making in her sleep. Right now we are having issues with her kennel. She doesn't like it. So this afternoon she is getting a little tough love. Vega is doing well with her but they have a ways to go before I will feel like they have really warmed up to each other. I think if Vega could talk she would say, "do we have to keep her?"

Zoë at seven weeks

Zoë sleeping in the car on the way home.

Zoë and Vega

Zoë with her mom and siblings.


  1. Getting a Vizsla is more than "going crazy" you're now on the edge of lunitic fringe!

    Good luck with crate training. Rocket never took to it. He did better in our 6x6 mud room with a puppy gate. It only took 3 months of sleep deprivation to figure it out. :-P

  2. she's adorable. and she has huge feet. . . that's a good sign though, right?

  3. Very very cool!! She's sooo cute!! Good luck feeding her once she's full grown! :P