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Sunday, January 18, 2009


As most of your know, I am a list maker. Lately, my project to do list has become a little out of control. However, I resolved to finish my mirror (done!) and start two other pieces: the dog's cabinet and the printer stand before the spring semester. Therefore, I am proud to announce that school starts Tuesday and I have started and finished both the dog cabinet and the printer stand!! I used the same theme (brown and teal paint) as I did on the mirror. These are both free pieces (the cabinet we found in our garage and the printer stand was my brother's night stand growing up) and so I was not too overly concerned about how they turned out. I am just happy to check them off my list!


  1. They turned out great! Are you sure you don't want to come help paint furniture for E's room?

  2. people, you could take a 30 year old used public restroom toilet and turn it into your living room reclining throne!

    seriously . . . i love it . . .

  3. Looks great!! You are very talented. Keep it up!!

  4. Wow...Leigh! You did a wonderful job!