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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Mirror

Not too long ago, Blake and I were lucky enough to take possession of a dresser that had been Blake's grandmother's. That dresser came with a mirror that until now hung on our wall untouched. This Christmas break I decided that it was time to have some fun with our western theme by adding some bold colors via our "new to us" mirror. I started by painting the entire mirror teal. I then sanded the paint down to smooth out the brush strokes and applied another couple of coats to the inner piece of the frame. After the teal paint was dry I began painting the remainder of the frame a dark brown, sanding between coats. After I was happy with the color of the mirror's frame I began the process of aging the wood. This was accomplished with a heavy piece of sand paper and some elbow grease. The idea being that as I sanded portions of the mirror the teal pant would show through the brown. After I was happy with the overall look of the mirror I sanded the entire mirror again with a light sand paper and then applied wood oil over the frame. I am so excited about the results. I finally added something at least a little girlie to our western room!




  1. Nice job! You are so good at that stuff!

  2. Very impressive! You are quite the crafty lady! I've got a dresser that could use some Leigh's Elbow Grease! :)