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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I Love

A Blog I love.
The Nesting Place
I just found out about this blog recently. It has some great ideas. I love decorating (or thinking about decorating) my house and this blog really inspires me!

A Website I love.
Thank you Emily! (Emily told me about this website a while back.) It is so much fun! I would love to sell some of my creations on Etsy someday. For now, I will have to be content with buying...

Products I love.
Origins Modern Friction
There is no better way to pamper yourself than to go to town with a little bit of Modern Friction! Follow that with a 10 minute mask, Out of Trouble is my favorite and I promise you, your skin will have never felt so good!

A Book I love.
Pillars of the Earth.
If you have been reading the Cleburne Times Review lately you know that much talk has been going around in my hometown over the Ken Follett novel, Pillars of the Earth. I read PotE for the first time during senior English. I loved it. Everyone in the class loved it. I read PofE again last summer while in England. Between the wonderful story line and my jet lag I spent many hours awake, reading several hundred pages a night (a huge feat as I am a slow reader). Mr. Follett does have a tendency to enter some graphic scenes in his novels - hence the talk over having high school seniors read the book. All in all, it is a great story set in England in the day of Empress Maud and King Stephen revolving around the building of a cathedral, mixed with history (specifically the plot to assassinate the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket.) I highly recommend it (to adults, ha).

A Podcast I love.

I don't go anywhere without my iPod. However, I hardly ever listen to music. Audio books and podcasts keep me going during the long hours at work. The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack hits the spot at the end of each week. LOST always keeps me guessing and theorizing and Jay and Jack (and their callers) always have something fun to say. The best part about podcasts - they are usually free! Anyone have an Christan based podcasts they like? I can't find one to get excited about.

Right now I am thinking about how much I love spending time outside with my husband and playing with the dogs but instead I am at work. Spring time (and Summer) has me living for the weekend! This weekend we plan to sod the back yard (again) so I am sure a post to soon to come on that!


  1. Bringing a little controversy to the blog, eh? I never read it. Too long.
    Podcasts. I do not have an iPod, GASP. But I have heard several others who like listening to Andy Stanley from NorthPoint in ATL.

  2. Sounds like a book I need to add to my list.

    I've only recently started exploring podcasting, so if I find any good ones, I'll pass them on!