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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Vega has a new morning routine. In our pre-Zoë world, Vega loved to be outside. Now, Vega loves to be anywhere Zoë isn't. In the mornings, Zoë goes outside and Vega quietly disappears into the house.

The other morning I found Vega's hiding spot - under the covers of our bed. She plays possum. I think, she thinks, that if she is still enough we won't notice her and will just leave her there all day. The first day she did this, she actually let Blake make up the bed with her still under the covers. It's very cute and very pathetic. I love our Vega and her puppy dog eyes! There is just something about dogs that makes my heart happy!


  1. Sweet VEEga...or so E used to say. That's funny that Blake made her into the bed.

  2. Too cute! Poor puppy..she misses her time when it was just you 3!