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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Best of Zoë

We have been here with my parents for five days now. I am not positive as to who is enjoying our visit most but I have a feeling it is Zoë. She has new friends to play with, room to run and a house full of people who love her. Here are a few pictures - she is such a pretty dog!

(see the white stuff on her nose,
she was helping grandpa with his pottery
but that's for another post)


  1. Thanks for clarifing about the white stuff...I was curious, but didn't know how to say..."what's wrong with her face?" in a nice way. Miss you.

  2. I love the pic of Zoe running, very nice!

  3. The running picture is very cool! Nice action shot. All we can catch our cats doing is laying around snoozzing! :)