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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Playing Pet Salon

Blake and I started this weekend off by having my cousin, Karli, over to spend the night. It was my last Friday off before classes start and Karli’s last weekend before starting school. We had so much fun. Karli got a six week old puppy, Hunter, the week before and she wanted to bring him. I figured our house is practically a zoo anyways so, why not? The three dogs had fun. Hunter was not at all afraid of the big dogs and Vega and ZoĆ« had fun playing.

Karli has decided that when she grows up she wants to own a pet spa – she already has business cards. So, we practiced on Hunter. He got a bath, we made him a bed, accessories and toys. Then, we primped him, put on his new accessories and had a puppy fashion show. It was great, little girl fun!


  1. Fun! One day maybe Emma can come stay overnight with you guys! She would also love the puppies! But she will not be bringing her own (at least not for awhile!).

  2. Awww, what a sweet little puppy and girl! Glad you had fun, and hope classes are starting off well.