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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Happy Saturday morning!

So, here are some thoughts I have been having lately…

…are three to four diet cokes too many for one day?

…if I cut down on my diet coke intake, how will I stay awake? (and don’t say get more sleep…that just makes me late to work..ha)

…who actually reads my blog? Google Analytics is really cool but I would like people to comment too!

…school is really getting in the way of all the fun stuff I want to do in life. Please let graduation come soon.

…what blogs are you guys reading? How do you find new blogs to read? Why don’t we swap? Here are a few of my favorites…

The Nesting Place

My Charming Kids

Today’s Housewife

Angry Chicken

PlumWater Cottage

Southern Hospitality

Sing For Your Supper

…Blake and I need to plan a vacation – like a fly some place, stay a week type of vacation. But what to do? The beach? Something historic? U.S. or Europe? So many options!

…I need to start Christmas shopping. Usually I have done quite a bit by now but this year it just hasn’t happened.

…I am excited to wear fall clothes and I need to make a trip to the mall (retail therapy…heck yeah).

…(surprise, surprise) I love it when new television premiers! The season premiers of How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, NCIS and Criminal Minds did not disappoint. I also liked new shows Flash Forward and Community. What shows are you guys watching?

...spent some time revamping the style of the blog...I think I like it.

…so, what have you guys been thinking lately?


  1. Rome!!! How I Met and Big Bang have been two of our favorites for the last 2 years now, and Community is hilarious! My blogs are boring...Colts News, LSUSports Football News, Apple Hot News, Gmail Blog, and of course, Stillintheworks.

  2. -Caffeine is not my friend these days. So, I only have a couple a week.
    -I always wonder how to make people comment (especially on TH). Questions sometimes don't work.
    -photomom101.blogspot; lots of preschool blogs (they are actually piling up in the reader-yikes!)
    -I hear SC is a great place to vacation! But you have already done that. You can never go wrong with the beach. I would also love to go west and do what mom and dad just finished.
    -TV-we watch too many shows! We are giving the new NCIS a try. It was okay. And somehow over the summer I got myself addicted to Greys. (still haven't watched the new one).
    -I too have been trying to come up with a new blog look. Haven't found what I want to do. I like your new look. How did you do the header? A template or something you designed on your own?
    -Thanks for the crafty blogs. I am now sewing!! You will have to give me some pointers. I am still clueless, but trying!

  3. I love the new format! I've been off diet coke for four days and it is ROUGH - I was so tired at work this week. We watch Heroes, Medium, Biggest Loser, The Office, and Survivor. I am trying to keep up with Dancing w/ the Stars but so far failing miserably, and So You Think You Can Dance. Lots of tv, even without cable!

  4. First of all, I love the new layout.

    Some of my blog faves are
    The Lettered Cottage. They are redoing a home, and it is GORGEOUS.

    Cardigan Empire. Fabulous fashion tips, and I love her writing style!

    Haven and Home. Beautiful interior photos, and the author has a very sweet voice that comes through in her posts.

    I have been in serious de-cluttering mode. That's what I've been thinking about lately. My closet is my fave room in my house right because it is so organized, and I have tons of garage sale stuff. :)

    I didn't realize you drank that much DC!!!

  5. I LOVE your new blog layout...give me some tips for mine! I've missed the blog world. I have not checked anyone's blog in over a month due to school and having a 4 month old! That is a lot of DC---too much sugar dear! Good luck cutting that back! I always love tropical b/c I love the beach. BUt I went to Ireland on a mission trip a few years back and it was gorgeous and fun. Miss you guys!

  6. Wow! Great new look. I'm impressed. Hopeing I have a little more time to blog with my new job. Surely less hours of working will allow me some more time to do things I like.----Sally

  7. I really do know how to spell, just can't seem to get my typing skills worked out this late night---Sally

  8. I just now saw this..thank you for the shout-out!! And I'm loving this new layout...super cute! Hope ya'll are well!