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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Guest Bathroom

Well, we haven't had things in place for a month and I have already redone the guest bathroom. I did not change much but I did switch things around a little.

First of all, the entire house needs a fresh coat of paint. As far as we can tell most of the house still has (or did have) the original paint and as the paint is basically white and flat and several years old, it just looks dirty.

So, one weekend while Blake was hunting I decided to give the guest bathroom a fresh coat of paint. I used the neutral color that we are using in the rest of the house. I like to use the same color throughout most of the house. I also did a coat of Behr "Popcorn" on the baseboards.

Then I picked up a few things from Garden Ridge and knocked off an idea or two from The Nester. And here we are! Now we just need some guests! Any volunteers?

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  1. Show this in person and it really looks good! Good job!----Sally