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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Flowerbeds

The day started out promising. We went to several places to pick up our supplies for the day. We bought lots of flowers, some new flower pots, a few tools and some metal edging. Leigh was going to spend the day planting all of her new flowers in the pots and I was going to install metal edging for some of our new flowerbeds.

The flower pots turned out great. Leigh did a wonderful job as always. It is always a task trying to figure out which plants we should buy because we get very little sunlight. Luckily there are some spots that get sun, so we are able to get a few of the sun loving plants. We also had this empty bed around our large tree in the backyard that she planted potato vine around. It is already growing really fast and will fill up before we know it. We just have to keep working with Vega to keep her out of it.

Leigh's Flower Pots

Installing the edging went pretty smoothly. I had one of those half moon edger tools to dig out the trench and then the edging went right in. I was driving one of the last stakes in the ground, and water started filling the trench. I quickly realized that I had just busted a pipe and ran to shut off the water to the house. I then spent the rest of the afternoon digging out a large hole and replacing the pipe. Luckily I have a great brother-in-law who showed up just in time to help me fix everything. Everything appears to be working normal again and obviously TESS doesn’t mark personal water lines. Also, I have about 99.5’ of ¾” 100 psi poly pipe that I can make someone a good deal on. Overall, we got a lot accomplished and maybe the backyard will be finished before the end of summer.

My Mistake


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty productive day with only a slight "hitch". You wouldn't be your father's son if you didn't have an interruption in the plans. Some of your pics are caught in our spam filter, so I'll have to review them at home. Otherwise things really are looking good. Where did you get the potato vine? I haven't found any in Cleburne. We hope to work in our yard this needs it!!

  2. Looks great!! Good job. Glad your brother-in-law was able to help out. Tell mom Lowe's in Cleburne has potato vine - bought some there last weekend.

  3. Things seem to be coming along pretty well! Now that we are getting our Saturdays back, maybe things around here will start to perk up some.

  4. Hi Leigh & Blake! I clicked on over from Kylene's blog.

    The flower bed looks great! Good job Leigh!

    I'm impressed with your home improvement skills!

  5. This is Ashley Cook from Sunday School. I love your yard! Where do yall livE?